Hi, I’m Yazmeen!

I offer an opportunity for your children’s learning to be fun through activities in nature. 

My appreciation of the little things in nature began as a teenage photographer and continues as a motivator today. In essence, I am a tall child with a gift of seeing the world through their eyes; full of fun and filled with new exciting opportunities. Embracing this childlike quality and enthusiasm to “live in the moment” with an open mind and heart enables me to connect and help children. 

I believe that we are all students and all educators on some level. By learning and sharing information about ecology and each other, together we can contribute to a better future. As a mother, a grandmother and an educator, I recognise that immersion in nature has proven benefits for improving children’s creativity, communication, resilience, leadership, and sense of self and belonging.

Driven by my passion for mentoring children to be the best version of themselves, I have combined over nine years of  Child care/ Teachers Aide experience with nature to create a range of interactive tours. Tours are designed to inspire children to continually expand their individual talents and develop skills by using all their five senses in natural surroundings.

Group tours are small to ensure everyone can contribute and gain maximum benefit. I am available to do 1:1 mentoring for children (aged 6-12 years). If this interests you contact me.