Nature Tours

Why nature tours?

Nature is the foundation from which all else flourishes. Immersion in nature has proven benefits for increasing children’s cognitive function, physical development, creativity, communication, resilience, leadership, and self-regulation. Nature enhances our health and calmness.
Yaz Nature Me offers a range of interactive, mobile nature tours based on using 5 senses that can be adapted to any location to allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of nature and play. Although originally developed for children, there are some tours suitable for adults.
Mobile tours create opportunities for small groups of children to learn and develop holistically in nature with the support of a qualified guide. As we discover our environment together, children are mentored to expand their individual talents and skills while building a respect and connection to land, themselves, each other, and all living things.
Every day, every moment and every experience provide new adventures for fun and growth. Each tour is dynamic, as we appreciate and adapt to being “in the moment” using our 5 senses as a base to expand upon. Tours may include stories to connect with nature and each other, mindfulness to awaken the senses, art to inspire creativity, games to get moving and adventures to explore our world. We finish off by reflecting on what we have achieved and learnt from our adventure together.
All tours are designed to:
  • Develop focus, awareness and connection
  • Improve confidence, communication, cognitive and physical skills
  • Practice mindfulness, respect and community spirit
  • Boost imagination and creative thinking
  • Encourage children to express themselves in their own unique way via various mediums
  • Support every child to be the best version of themselves

Personalised Tours

I customise tours to benefit children by allowing more time and adapting content to focus on more individual needs. These tours are available for either a group of friends, multiple siblings, family members or 1:1 individual children.
As I blend my knowledge and experience with my qualifications (Cert III Early Childhood Education and Care and Cert IV Education Support)  I help your child(ren) to develop holistically and shine.
If you are interested, I invite you to contact me to discuss details.